An Update from PPL Electric Utilities
By Alana Roberts, Regional Affairs Director
Saving energy doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. In fact, PPL Electric Utilities offers many energy efficiency programs and rebates to help you use less electricity at little or no cost.
One program that draws special interest around this time of year is our WRAP energy efficiency program. It’s helped more than 100,000 income-qualified families. 
If you meet income guidelines (and have your landlord’s permission, for renters), we’ll conduct a free energy audit of your home and identify opportunities to save energy. Based on the audit, we’ll install energy-saving products at no cost to you, like low-flow showerheads and LED bulbs. In some cases, we may even replace your refrigerator, air conditioner or dehumidifier.  Additional services for customers with electric heat and electric water heaters may include ceiling and wall insulation, weather-stripping, heating system repair or replacement, and water heater replacement.
If you’re online, visit to sign up and learn more about the WRAP energy efficiency program. If you’re not online, call us toll-free at 1-888-232-6302 for more info.
In addition to making your home more efficient, PPL can lower the amount you need to pay each month, and actually keep you warm for less.  Our OnTrack payment plan offers debt forgiveness and a lower fixed monthly payment to customers who qualify.  If you meet the income guidelines, applying is easier than ever online.   Find out more at or by calling us at 1-800-DIAL-PPL.
We also offer free energy efficiency kits for income-eligible customers, which include LED bulbs, smart power strips and other easy upgrades to help you save. We make these kits available through community agencies. You can find a list and enroll online at or call 1-888-232-6302 for more information.
There’s also LIHEAP, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which provides cash grants to pay electric or heating bills in emergencies. LIHEAP is a federally funded program that’s usually available between November and April. Learn more about LIHEAP by visiting, calling 1-866-857-7095 or contacting your county assistance office.
Finally, there are simple energy-saving steps you can take without paying anything at all. Things like cooking dinner in microwaves, toasters or slow cookers, instead of ovens. Turning lights and appliances off when you leave the room. And keeping vents clear so you get all the hot or cold air you’re paying for.
Whether saving energy or getting help with a bill is on your mind, we want to be there to help.   For information about all of PPL Electric Utilities’ energy efficiency programs, visit