The Lakes Committee assumes the role of advocacy for our community’s lakes and watershed programs. It is responsible to act as a resource and informational conduit to our community members, Management staff and the Board of Directors. It is the key focal point for the capture of concerns, issues, and problems affecting the quality, management, and control of the lakes. In the execution of this role, the committee will:
  • Identify and recommend specific solutions to concerns, issues and problems impacting the lakes and watershed programs.
  • Represent our community in a professional manner in all internal community interactions, as well as outside communities and organizations.
  • Act as an educational source for our community on matters impacting the quality, management and control of lakes and watershed programs.
  • Based on personal observations, researched expert input and members input, create detailed CMRs, along with all necessary supporting Data, for BOD review.
  • Provide input for and review of lakes and watershed program budgets, reserve study items and long range planning.