Environmental Control

Construction Update - January 1, 2022
ECC Manual
Non-Lake Front Dwelling Easement and Setback Example
Lake Front Dwelling Easement and Setback Example
Permit Requirement Structure
No Permit Required
Contractor Guidelines
Tree Policy Booklet
Trees Native To NEPA
Variance Request

Decks    (New $75.00; Replace $50.00)
Docks / Shoreline Improvements ($60.00)
Driveways  (New/Retop, $50.00)
Excavation/Demolition/Retaining Walls ($40.00)
Garage Attached or Detached ($100.00)
Generator ($20.00)
Home Addition  ($100.00)
Major Landscaping ($40.00)
Generic (No Fee)
New Single-Family Dwelling ($600.00)
Patios, Porches, Sunrooms ($100.00)
Pet Enclosure/Electronic Pet Fence ($10.00)
Fuel Storage Tanks ($20.00)
Re-Roofing (No Fee)
Satellite Dish Antenna ($10.00 per)
Siding Paint Stain (No Fee)
Storage Sheds / Gazebos ($45.00)
Roof Mounted Systems ($15.00)
Tree Removal ($20.00)

Have building permit questions or need clarification on something? Send us an email at environmental@thehideout.us